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Question 1: While the number of professional astronomers worldwide is not much larger than the population of a small ________, there is a huge community of amateur astronomers.
BoroughCityIndependent cityTown

Question 2: Most universities also have outreach programs including public telescope time and sometime ________ as a public service and to encourage interest in the field.

Question 3: Contrary to the classical image of an old astronomer peering through a telescope through the dark hours of the night, it is very rare for a modern professional astronomer to use an eyepiece on a larger ________.
AstronomyOptical telescopeTelescopeReflecting telescope

Question 4: Historically, ________ was more concerned with the classification and description of phenomena in the sky, while astrophysics attempted to explain these phenomena and the differences between them using physical laws.
Theoretical astronomyAstronomyStarSun

Question 5: Professional astronomers are highly educated individuals who typically have a ________ in physics or astronomy and are employed by research institutions or universities.
Doctor of PhilosophyAcademic degreePostgraduate educationDoctorate

Question 6: This number includes scientists from other fields such as physics, geology, and ________, whose research interests are closely related to astronomy.
Civil engineeringEngineeringMechanical engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 7: [6] The work contains tables for the movements of the sun, the ________ and the five planets known at the time.
MoonGanymede (moon)Io (moon)Mercury (planet)

Question 8: Most cities have ________ clubs that meet on a regular basis and often host star parties in their communities.
Amateur astronomyCometDeep sky objectDobsonian telescope

Question 9: [4] Like any ________, most people who think of themselves as amateur astronomers may devote a few hours a month to stargazing and reading the latest developments in research.
Outdoor activityGardeningHobbyGame

Question 10: [2] The ________ comprises almost 9,259 members from 89 different countries who are involved in astronomical research at the PhD level and beyond.
ParisMoscowRomeInternational Astronomical Union


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