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Astrometry: Quiz


Question 1: Ibn Yunus observed more than 10,000 entries for the sun's position for many years using a large ________ with a diameter of nearly 1.4 metres.
Abu Rayhan BiruniMuhammad ibn Mūsā al-KhwārizmīAlhazenAstrolabe

Question 2: Astronomers use astrometric techniques for the tracking of ________.
Impact eventCatalina Sky SurveyMeteoroidNear-Earth object

Question 3: [2] Hipparchus's successor, Ptolemy, included a catalogue of 1,022 stars in his work the ________, giving their location, coordinates, and brightness.

Question 4: This can be dated back to ________, who around 190 BC used the catalogue of his predecessors Timocharis and Aristillus to discover the earth’s precession.

Question 5: It is instrumental for keeping time, in that UTC is basically the atomic time synchronized to ________'s rotation by means of exact observations.

Question 6: Like the earlier catalogs of Hipparchus and Ptolemy, Ulugh Beg's catalogue is estimated to have been precise to within approximately 20 ________.
Minute of arcAngleLongitudeLatitude

Question 7: He made the first measurement of stellar parallax: 0.3 arcsec for the binary star ________.
AlbireoZeta Cygni61 Cygni16 Cygni

Question 8: Apart from the fundamental function of providing astronomers with a reference frame to report their observations in, astrometry is also fundamental for fields like ________, stellar dynamics and galactic astronomy.
Classical mechanicsAstrophysicsAlhazenCelestial mechanics

Question 9: In the 1980s, ________ (CCDs) replaced photographic plates and reduced optical uncertainties to one milliarcsecond.
Charge-coupled deviceVideo camera tubeDigital cameraInfrared

Question 10: The stellar movement proved too insignificant for his telescope, but he instead discovered the ________ and the nutation of the Earth’s axis.
Aberration of lightMercury (planet)SunSpeed of light


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