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Question 1: ________ is one of the faults of the Fire signs.
Confidence trickPsychological manipulationDeceptionPropaganda

Question 2: Astrological signs represent twelve equal segments or divisions of the ________.
ZodiacWestern astrologySolsticeHipparchus

Question 3: Note that, if one starts from Leo and Cancer, the planetary rulers are arrayed in the same order from the sun as they occur in the natural ________.
EarthPlutoSolar SystemNeptune

Question 4: According to ________, celestial phenomena reflect or govern human activity on the principle of "as above, so below", so that the twelve signs are held to represent twelve basic personality types or characteristic modes of expression.

Question 5: Some other astrologers believe that the planetoid ________ may be the ruler of Virgo, while other group of modern astrologers acclaim that Ceres is the ruler of Taurus instead.

Question 6: ________, a fifth century BCE Greek philosopher, originated the terms Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

Question 7: The zodiac traditionally begins with the sign of the Rat, and there are many stories about the ________ which explain why this is so.
Chinese zodiacEarthly BranchesChinese calendarSexagenary cycle

Question 8: ________ astrology recognises twelve zodiac signs, or Rashis:[13]
Bhagavad GitaJyotiṣaPuranasMahabharata

Question 9: These are known as Exaltation (see below), Triplicity , Terms or bounds, and Face or Decan , which together are known as describing a planet's ________, the quality or ability to give of one's true nature.
AstrologyWestern astrologyZodiacEssential dignity

Question 10: In Western and Indian astrology, the twelve signs are associated with constellations, while in ________ there is no connection with constellations, as it is simply the line of the equator that is divided into twelve equal segments.
Wu XingAstrological signChinese astrologyChinese zodiac


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