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Question 1: Regulation of ion concentration in the extracellular space: astrocytes express ________ at a high density.
Ligand-gated ion channelSodium channelPotassium channelIon channel

Question 2: Astrocytes are linked by ________, creating an electrically coupled syncytium.
Gap junctionHistologyCell junctionDesmoplakin

Question 3: Astrocytes (also known collectively as astroglia) are characteristic star-shaped glial cells in the ________ and spinal cord.
Nervous systemBrainSensory systemDigestion

Question 4: Recent studies have shown that astrocytes play an important function in the regulation of neural ________.
EmbryoUmbilical cordStem cellDevelopmental biology

Question 5: They are also known as astrocytic glial cells. Star-shaped, their many processes envelope synapses made by ________.
AstrocyteNervous systemPhotoreceptor cellNeuron

Question 6: ________ are primary intracranial tumors derived from astrocytes cells of the brain.
AstrocytomaGliomaOligodendrogliomaAtypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor

Question 7: GluT type: express ________ (EAAT1/SLC1A3 and EAAT2/SLC1A2) and respond to synaptic release of glutamate by transporter currents
Norepinephrine transporterVesicular monoamine transporter 2Glutamate transporterNeurotransmitter transporter

Question 8: Fibrous: found in white matter and have long thin unbranched processes whose end-feet envelop ________.
Nodes of RanvierAxonNeuronMyelin

Question 9: Astrocytes are a sub-type of glial cells in the ________.
NeuronGrey matterWhite matterCentral nervous system

Question 10: Gömöri-positive astrocytes are much more abundant within the arcuate nucleus of the ________ and in the hippocampus than in other brain regions.
Pituitary glandPosterior pituitaryPineal glandHypothalamus


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