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Asthenosphere: Quiz


Question 1: The asthenosphere is a portion of the upper mantle just below the ________ that is involved in plate movements and isostatic adjustments.
LithosphereCrust (geology)EarthMantle (geology)

Question 2: The rigid lithosphere is thought to "float" or move about on the slowly flowing asthenosphere, creating the movement of crustal plates described by ________
EarthPlate tectonicsNorth American PlateGeology

Question 3: Although its presence was suspected as early as 1926, the worldwide occurrence of the asthenosphere was confirmed by analyses of earthquake waves from the ________ of May 22, 1960.
Valdivia, ChileRiñihuazoPuyehue-Cordón Caulle1960 Valdivia earthquake

Question 4: The asthenosphere (from Greek asthenēs 'weak' + sphere) is the mechanically weak ductily-deforming region of the upper mantle of the ________.

Question 5: It lies below the ________, at depths between 100 and 200 km (~ 62 and 124 miles) below the surface, but perhaps extending as deep as 400 km (~ 249 miles).
LithosphereEarthPlate tectonicsCrust (geology)

Question 6: Under the thin oceanic plates the asthenosphere is usually much closer to the seafloor surface, and at ________ it rises to within a few kilometers of the ocean floor.
Divergent boundaryMid-ocean ridgeSeafloor spreadingPassive margin


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