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Question 1: [13] The ________ brought this first period of discovery to a close,[13] and it was not until 1845 that another object (5 Astraea) was discovered.
First French EmpireNapoleon INapoleonic WarsGrande Armée

Question 2: [17] One hundred asteroids had been located by mid-1868, and in 1891 the introduction of astrophotography by ________ accelerated the rate of discovery still further.
Friedrich Karl Arnold SchwassmannMax WolfGeorge Van BiesbroeckEdward Emerson Barnard

Question 3: Apart from their rapid movement, they were indistinguishable from ________.
Stellar classificationBinary starStarSupernova

Question 4: The discovery of ________ in 1846 led to the discrediting of the Titius-Bode Law in the eyes of scientists, as its orbit was nowhere near the predicted position.

Question 5: This faint auroral glow can be viewed at night extending from the direction of the ________ along the plane of the ecliptic.
EarthSunSolar SystemStar

Question 6: Asteroid orbits continue to be appreciably perturbed whenever their period of revolution about the Sun forms an ________ with Jupiter.
Solar SystemOrbital resonancePlutoNatural satellite

Question 7: The 4:1 ________ with Jupiter, at a radius 2.06 AU, can be considered the inner boundary of the main belt.
Solar SystemOrbital resonanceNatural satellitePluto

Question 8: [3][4] Ceres's orbital distance, 2.766 AU, is also very close to the location of the belt's ________, 2.8 AU.
TireVehicle dynamicsCenter of massCar handling

Question 9: [8] Fifteen months later, Olbers discovered a second object in the same region, ________.
Ceres (dwarf planet)2 Pallas3 Juno4 Vesta

Question 10: [8] Each astronomer was assigned a 15° region of the ________ to search for the missing planet.
Astrological signSolsticeWestern astrologyZodiac


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