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Question 1: Until the middle of the first millennium BC, the ________ consisted of only eleven constellations.
Western astrologySolsticeAstrological signZodiac

Question 2: It is composed of the seven brightest stars in ________[6], where they delineate the Bear's hindquarters and exaggerated tail.
Aquila (constellation)Orion (constellation)Ursa MinorUrsa Major

Question 3: ________ are groups of stars that are physically related — gravitationally bound together and moving through the galaxy in the same direction and speed.
Binary starStellar kinematicsOpen clusterGlobular cluster

Question 4: Theta Orionis (θ Ori) is embedded in, and illuminates, the ________ (M42).
Crab NebulaOmega NebulaOrion NebulaTrifid Nebula

Question 5: A true ________ (see below), whose stars are gravitationally related, is not an asterism.
Globular clusterStellar kinematicsStar clusterOpen cluster

Question 6: Our current list is based on that of the Greco-Roman astronomer, ________ of Alexandria (c 85–c 165).

Question 7: One of the best-known asterisms is the ________ or Plough.
Asterism (astronomy)Big DipperEnglandUrsa Major

Question 8: The Southern Cross is not an asterism, but merely a variation on the meaning of ________.

Question 9: However, it has since been determined that the Orion Nebula is a ________ and that the Trapezium is actually an Open Cluster.
Stellar classificationStar formationStellar kinematicsMolecular cloud

Question 10: Sirius (α CMa), Procyon (α CMi), and ________ (α Ori) form one to the North (Winter Triangle) while Sirius, Naos (ζ Pup), and Phakt (α Col) form another to the South.
RigelBetelgeuseEpsilon OrionisPi³ Orionis


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