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Astaroth: Quiz


Question 1: He is a male figure named after the female Canaanite goddess ________.
MelqartAstarteEl (deity)Moloch

Question 2: Hyatt, Astaroth is "a thinly disguised version of the goddess ________...."[1]
MelqartEl (deity)MolochAstarte

Question 3: He also goes by the name ‘Ashtart/________ which was rendered in the Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible as Astharthe (singular) and Astharoth (plural), that last form rendered in the King James Version of the Bible as Ashtaroth.
MelqartAstarteMolochEl (deity)

Question 4: He is referred to in ________ as a very powerful demon.
Magic (paranormal)The Lesser Key of SolomonGrimoirePseudomonarchia Daemonum

Question 5: In demonology Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot, and Asteroth) is a Prince of ________.

Question 6: To others, he teaches ________ sciences and handicrafts, can make men invisible and lead them to hidden treasures, and answers every question formulated to him.
Mathematical logicGeometryMathematicsSet theory

Question 7: ________, who can protect against him for he has resisted Astaroth's temptations.
JesusBartholomew the ApostleJude the ApostleSaint Peter

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