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Question 1: Several ________ from the 1970s implemented CAM directly in hardware, and were known as associative computers.
Vector processorParallel computingCluster (computing)Supercomputer

Question 2: ________ are also an alternative, though relatively new and not as widely used.
TreapSkip listBloom filterRandom binary tree

Question 3: Most modern scripting languages, starting with awk and including Perl, Tcl, ________, Python, Ruby, and Lua, support associative arrays as a primary container type.

Question 4:
Associative array, Rani Lakshmibai and Revelstoke, British Columbia are all:
Abstract data types Composite data types All pages needing cleanup Data types

Question 5:
Associative array, Object (computer science) and Data structure alignment are all:
Abstract data types Composite data types Data types All pages needing cleanup

Question 6: In MUMPS, the associative arrays are typically stored as ________.
Tree (data structure)B-treeHeap (data structure)Binary search tree

Question 7:
Associative array, Stack (data structure) and Queue (data structure) are all:
Composite data types Data types All pages needing cleanup Abstract data types

Question 8: Hash tables that use untrusted input as keys may be vulnerable to ________ where an untrusted user supplies data intended to generate large numbers of collisions.
Firewall (computing)InternetE-mailDenial-of-service attack

Question 9: In some ________, such as Python, the keys of an associative array do not even need to be of the same type.
ComputerProgramming languageFunctional programmingProgramming paradigm

Question 10: Another example would be a ________ where words are the keys and definitions are the values.
Bilingual dictionaryWordNetLexicographyDictionary


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