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Question 1:
Who of the following is a key person at Associated Press?
Joseph Gutnick
Moxon Family, Founders
Toshiyuki, Hirata, President
Tom Curley, President and CEO

Question 2: [1] Four other papers agreed to join the The Sun venture: ________, New York Herald, the Courier and Enquirer, the New York Evening Express.
American Civil WarAbolitionismThe Journal of CommerceUnited States

Question 3:
How many employees does Associated Press have?

Question 4:
What is the revenue of Associated Press?
677 million EUR, 5% from 2007
$710,346,000 USD 2007
$20.3 Billion USD 2007
33.4% from 2007

Question 5:
Associated Press, XFL and Eyeshield 21 are all:
American football media News agencies Consumers%27 cooperatives American cooperatives

Question 6:
What industry is Associated Press in?

Question 7:
What city is Associated Press based in?

Question 8:
What country is Associated Press based in?
United Kingdom
United States
France and United States
England, United Kingdom

Question 9:
What area does Associated Press serve?
Rest of the world, and Worldwide
Worldwide, including
3.2 million locations worldwide

Question 10:
Which of these is a Associated Press product?


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