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Question 1: This group killed members of the crusaders, ________ and Seljuq élite for political and religious reasons, but mostly targeted the Sunni Muslims.
Abbasid CaliphateIslamic Golden AgeAkkadian EmpireNeo-Assyrian Empire

Question 2: With the ________, tyrannicide—or assassination for personal or political reasons—became more common again in Western Europe.
Italian RenaissanceRenaissanceBaroqueWestern art history

Question 3:
Who played Senator the movie Assassination?
Fred Beir
Peter Dane
Charles Bronson
Gunther Scholtz

Question 4:
Who played Briggs the movie Assassination?
Randy Brooks
Henry Silva
James Staley
Stephen Elliott

Question 5:
Who played Eddie Bracken the movie Assassination?
Randy Brooks
Michael Ansara
Henry Silva
Erik Stern

Question 6: Reeder, Under Secretary of the Army from 1993–1997 writing in Fox News, ________ had also used body doubles, though no details were specified.
Joseph StalinJimmy CarterFidel CastroGerald Ford

Question 7:
What role did Fred Beir play in the movie Assassination?
Jay Killion
John Chandler/Philip Chandler
Eddie Bracken

Question 8:
Who played Thomas the movie Assassination?
Bill Vanders
Peter Dane
Henry Silva
James Staley

Question 9: Assassination for military purposes has long been espoused - ________, writing around 500 BCE, argued in favor of using assassination in his book The Art of War.
Qin (state)Warring States PeriodSpring and Autumn PeriodSun Tzu

Question 10: The ancient Indian military adviser Chanakya wrote about assassinations in detail in his political treatise ________.
Maurya EmpireMax WeberTaxilaArthashastra

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