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Aspromonte: Quiz


Question 1: ________, landing here with 3,000 volunteers in his march towards Rome, was defeated and captured on August 29, 1862 in the Battle of Aspromonte.
ItalyCamillo Benso, conte di CavourGiuseppe GaribaldiItalian unification

Question 2: Points of attraction include the Gambarie ski resort (1,311 m) and the ________, in the comune of San Luca.
SicilyCalabria'NdranghetaSanctuary of Our Lady of Polsi

Question 3: Part of the population has retained ________ culture and language (the so-called Griko language).
Greek languageGreeksGreeceGreek diaspora

Question 4: The constituting rocks are mostly gneiss, and ________ schists, which form characteristic overlapping terraces.
Serpentine groupMicaMuscoviteBiotite

Question 5: This article incorporates text from the ________ 1907 edition of The Nuttall Encyclopædia.
Public domainCopyright infringementCopyrightIntellectual property

Question 6: Also, the rare bergamot, the lemony-yellow fruit used in perfumes and flavoring for ________, only grows in the southern Aspromonte.
BergamottinLady Grey (tea)Bitter orangeEarl Grey tea

Question 7: Aspromonte is a mountain massif in the province of Reggio Calabria (________, southern Italy).


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