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Question 1: This method is sometimes used by a ________ to kill a buffalo, by opening its mouth over the buffalo's mouth and nostrils and securing itself with its canine teeth.
LionCheetahSpotted HyenaTiger

Question 2:
Asphyxia, Serial killer and Murder are all:
Medical emergencies Suicide methods Murder Effects of external causes

Question 3:
Asphyxia, Anaphylaxis and Allergy are all:
Murder Effects of external causes Diving medicine Causes of death

Question 4: Contact with certain chemicals, including pulmonary agents (such as phosgene) and blood agents (such as ________)
Cyanogen chlorideChlorineHydrogen cyanideHydrogen sulfide

Question 5: It results most commonly from a drop in maternal ________ or interference during delivery with blood flow to the infant's brain.
Renin-angiotensin systemBlood pressureVasodilationCirculatory system

Question 6:
Asphyxia, HIV and Cancer are all:
Murder Medical emergencies Causes of death Diving medicine

Question 7: [3] The term "burking" comes from the method ________ and William Hare used to kill their victims during the West Port murders.
Burke and Hare murdersEdinburghRobert KnoxCounty Donegal

Question 8:
Asphyxia, Hypoxia (medical) and Hypothermia are all:
Effects of external causes Suicide methods Medical emergencies Diving medicine

Question 9:
Asphyxia, Suicide methods and Seppuku are all:
Diving medicine Causes of death Murder Suicide methods

Question 10: Asphyxia causes ________, which primarily affects the tissues and organs.
HemoglobinHypoxia (medical)BreathingOxygen toxicity

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