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Question 1: 1.414… = √2:1: International paper sizes (________)
ISO 3166ISO/IEC 646ISO 216Preferred number

Question 2: 1.618…: ________, close to 16:10 = 8:5: Widescreen computer monitors (WXGA, etc.)
Golden ratioPiMathematical constantSilver ratio

Question 3: The aspect ratio of a shape is the ratio of its longer ________ to its shorter dimension.
Fourth dimensionFive-dimensional spacePolytopeDimension

Question 4: ________: in photolithographic applications, the aspect ratio of an etched or deposited structure is the ratio of the height of its vertical side wall to its width.
Noble gasPhotolithographyEtching (microfabrication)Xenon

Question 5: 1.5 = 3:2: ________
35 mm film16 mm filmAnamorphic formatCinemaScope

Question 6: wing aspect ratio of an ________ or bird
Wide-body aircraftDouble-deck aircraftAircraftBusiness jet

Question 7: The aspect ratio of a ________ is the ratio of the major axis R to the minor axis r.
Stereographic projectionTorusManifoldMöbius strip

Question 8: In ________, photoresists that allow high aspect ratios are desirable as they allow the construction of tall structures without slant.
Etching (microfabrication)Microelectromechanical systemsSiliconMicrofluidics

Question 9: 3 = 4:3: Some (not all) computer monitors (________, XGA, etc), SDTV
HDMIDigital Visual InterfaceVideo Graphics ArrayD-subminiature


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