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Question 1: Lee in her 1998 publication, for many non-Asian Americans in the United States (in 1998) Asian American means Oriental, ________ or Japanese American.
American-born ChineseChinese AmericanChinese immigration to HawaiiChinese immigration to Puerto Rico

Question 2: ________ — especially the offspring of a U.S.
Asian peopleAsian AmericanFilipino AmericanAmerasian

Question 3: ________ (African-Asian mixed ancestry)
British African-Caribbean communityBlack BritishAfrican diasporaAfro-Asian

Question 4: In the United States, however, West Asian and ________ people are usually not considered "Asian."[9]
SiberiaCentral AsiaSouth AsiaMiddle East

Question 5: In ________, the term refers most commonly to people of predominantly East Asian and Southeast Asian ancestry; however, in the United Kingdom, the term refers most commonly to South Asians.
Americas (terminology)AmericasSouth AmericaNorth America

Question 6: [3][4] Though it may be based on residence, it is also often considered a race[5] or an ________.
Indigenous peoplesMoresSouth Asian ethnic groupsEthnic group

Question 7: Asian people[1] or Asiatic people[2] is a demonym for people from ________.

Question 8: Notably, the ________ includes Central Asia, a region that is often considered to be part of the Greater Middle East.
Census in AustraliaTasmaniaIndigenous AustraliansNew South Wales

Question 9: The US Census Bureau definition includes people who originate in the original peoples of Southeast Asia and the ________.
Arctic OceanAfricaSouth AsiaIndian subcontinent

Question 10: The Oxford English Dictionary, states that Asian is used in North America to refer to people originating from East Asia like ________, Japan, Korea, etc.
Province (China)ChinaReligion in ChinaTime in China

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