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Ashley Todd mugging hoax: Quiz


Question 1:
Ashley Todd mugging hoax, Bernard Madoff and Creflo Dollar are all:
American fraudsters Politics and race Political forgery Hoaxes in the United States

Question 2: Todd had worked as a field representative for the ________ since August 2008 and had come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in mid-October to recruit college students.
College RepublicansGeorge H. W. BushJohn McCainHillary Rodham Clinton

Question 3:
Ashley Todd mugging hoax, Jim Crow laws and Racism are all:
American fraudsters Political forgery Hoaxes in the United States Politics and race

Question 4: Upon her formal arraignment in January, Todd would enter a ________ program for first-time offenders, after which her record would be expunged if there had been no further offenses.
Double jeopardyProbationExclusionary ruleExecution warrant

Question 5: On October 24, Todd confessed to inventing the story after police reviewed surveillance camera photos and administered a ________ test.
United StatesPolygraphAldrich AmesRobert Hanssen

Question 6: On October 30, she agreed to a deal in which she was released from jail, but must undergo ________ as condition of her release.
PsychotherapyCognitive behavioral therapyFamily therapyIntegrative psychotherapy

Question 7: [1] The story broke less than two weeks before the 2008 ________ on November 4.
Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008United States presidential election, 2008 timelineUnited States presidential election, 2008

Question 8:
Ashley Todd mugging hoax, The International Jew and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are all:
Political forgery American fraudsters Politics and race Hoaxes in the United States

Question 9:
Ashley Todd mugging hoax, The War of the Worlds (radio) and Susan Smith are all:
Hoaxes in the United States Political forgery Politics and race American fraudsters

Question 10: Todd's story received international attention, including prominent coverage on ________ and Fox News.
Fox News ChannelDrudge ReportJohn McCainMatt Drudge


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