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Ashley Massaro: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: [6] At ________, Massaro won the first ever Diva Invitational by removing her top to reveal her breasts which were covered with Playboy bunny pasties.
WrestleMania 23No Way Out (2007)No Way Out (2006)Royal Rumble (2007)

Question 3:
Who of the following trained Ashley Massaro?

Question 4: During her tenure in the company, she has appeared on the covers of several magazines, including the April 2007 issue of ________.
Reader's DigestMaxim (magazine)People (magazine)Playboy

Question 5:

Question 6:
When did Ashley Massaro make his debut?
Fantastic Four #240
X-Treme X-Men #21.
Tower of Shadows #1

Question 7:
  • ________ (2005)[4]
    WWE SmackDownWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWWE Diva SearchWWE Raw

Question 8:
Which of the following names does Ashley Massaro go by?
Kid Krush
Arp-Madore 2, ESO 368-SC 07,IAU cluster number C0737-337

Question 9: In May 2008, Rolling Stone alleged that Massaro was employed by a Los Angeles escort agency, which was being investigated by the ________.
Defense Intelligence AgencyFederal Bureau of InvestigationNational Security AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 10: She also has several ________, including a 'Monroe' (a piercing near the upper lip that resembles a beauty mark)[47] and 'Snakebites' (a piercing on each side of the lower lip).
EarringBarbell (piercing)Body piercingNipple shield (jewelry)

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