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Ashes to Ashes (TV series): Quiz


Question 1:
What network screens Ashes to Ashes (TV series)?

Question 2:
Where does Ashes to Ashes (TV series) come from?
United Kingdom

Question 3:
Which of the following genres does Ashes to Ashes (TV series) produce?

Question 4: The second series is set in 1982, against the political background of the ________.
Falklands WarFalkland Islands sovereignty disputeFalkland Islands Defence ForceFalkland Islands

Question 5:
Which company produces Ashes to Ashes (TV series)?

Question 6:
Which of the following are related to Ashes to Ashes (TV series)?
The Golden Girls
* Aero L-39 Albatrosn* Aero L-59 Super Albatros
Krakatoa Revealed
The Girl of Yesterday (Spanish version)

Question 7:
What picture format does Ashes to Ashes (TV series) broadcast in?
576i ,

Question 8:
Who of these people produced Ashes to Ashes (TV series)?

Question 9: Throughout the first series, Ashes to Ashes was broadcast weekly on Thursdays on ________ at 9:00PM, with the episodes directed by Jonny Campbell, Bille Eltringham and Catherine Morshead.
BBC TelevisionBBC TwoBBC ThreeBBC One

Question 10: Alex is haunted by the Clown from the music video of David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes", in a similar way to how the Test-Card Girl spoke to ________ in "Life on Mars".
Life on Mars (TV series)Series 1: Episode 8 (Life on Mars)Gene HuntSam Tyler


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