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Question 1: There are numerous Ashanti sayings that reflect the attitudes of the Ashanti towards ________.

Question 2: During the height of the ________ the Ashanti, and Akan people in general, became wealthy through the trading of gold mined from their territory.
Rashidun CaliphateSonghai EmpireMongol EmpireMali Empire

Question 3: As ________ approaches, a girl goes to her mother's house.
MenstruationMenopauseMenarcheMenstrual cycle

Question 4: Minstrels chant ________ phrases; the talking drums extol the chief and the ancestors in traditional phrases.

Question 5: The ________ cannot be executed because of the absence of responsible intent.
InsanityBipolar disorderMental disorderInsanity defense

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  Picture of Ashanti architecture drawn by Thomas Edward Bowdich
  Golden mask property of Kofi Karikari.
  Ashanti yam ceremony, 19th century by Thomas E. Bowdich

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Ashanti yam ceremony, 19th century by Thomas E. Bowdich
  Image of an Ashanti home before British colonization
  Golden mask property of Kofi Karikari.
  Ashanti sword bearer

Question 8: The ordinary herbalist divines the ________ cause of the illness and treats it with herbal medicines.

Question 9: Special ________ ensue for the third, sixth, and ninth child.

Question 10: That nomination is then sent to a council of elders, who represent other lineages in the town or ________.
DistrictProvinceIndependent cityMunicipality

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