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Asgardians: Quiz


Question 1: Each Asgardian needs, and is allocated, a golden apple grown by ________ and tended by Idunn.
RagnarökEinherjarHoddmímis holtYggdrasil

Question 2: The Asgardians or Gods of Asgard are a fictional race of gods in the ________ universe.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel AnimationMarvel ComicsMarvel Studios

Question 3: They were worshipped about a millennium ago by the Norsemen of Scandinavia and various Germanic tribes, but they no longer have, or seek to have, any worshippers on ________.

Question 4: Rather, they are aliens whose science and abilities are advanced so far beyond the science and abilities of humans that the Asgardians appear to be magic, such as in "________" where the Asgardians turned out to be the final evolution of manipulation by the Celestials.
Multiverse (Marvel Comics)Negative ZoneMarvel UniverseEarth X

Question 5: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition (________)
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel ComicsMarvel Animation

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