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Question 1: Volume one features a cut-out silhouette version of Mayer (from the cover of ________) with two tones of blue.
Continuum (album)Battle Studies (album)Room for SquaresHeavier Things

Question 2: They feature ________ in out-of-character situations on their covers, including hanging from helium balloons (two) and in washing machines (three).
European RabbitSnowshoe HareRabbitEuropean Hare

Question 3: The albums were released from live concert performances across the United States from the tour following the release of Mayer's second album, ________.
Continuum (album)Battle Studies (album)Room for SquaresHeavier Things

Question 4: As of July 2009, the four concert-specific albums were still available on iTunes in the ________, though Volume One is no longer available; Each album has its own artwork.
CanadaAlaskaUnited StatesPhilippines

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