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Question 1: It was a part of a political movement originating in the 1940s outside of India with the purpose of allying with ________ to free India from British Rule.
Axis powersItalian Social RepublicNazi GermanyIon Antonescu

Question 2: Although Japanese troops saw much of the combat in India against the British, the INA was certainly by itself an effective combat force, having faced British and allied troops and making their mark in the ________.
Operation U-GoBattle of ImphalBurma Campaign 1944Burma Campaign

Question 3: In addition to these setbacks, the INA was faced with a formidable challenge when the troops were left to defend ________ without the assistance of the Japanese in the winter of 1944-1945.
ThanlyinYangonYangon DivisionDagon Township

Question 4: Disillusioned with ________'s philosophies of non-violence, Bose was clearly of the camp that supported exploiting British weakness to gain Indian independence.
Abul Kalam AzadMohandas Karamchand GandhiJawaharlal NehruC. Rajagopalachari

Question 5: British ________ seriously reduced morale, and the Japanese along with the INA forces began their withdrawal from India.
BombNuclear technologyAmmunitionCeramic engineering

Question 6: The Provisional Government of Free India ceased to exist with the deaths of the Axis, the INA, and Netaji Bose in ________.

Question 7: Immediately after the formation of the ________, Azad Hind declared war against the Anglo-American allied forces on the Indo-Burma Front.
FranceGovernment in exileRussiaGeorgia (country)

Question 8: [16] Following Moirang, the advancing INA breached the Kohima road, posing a threat to the British positions in both ________ and Kohima.

Question 9: The second conference, held later that year in Bangkok, invited ________ to participate in the leadership of the League.
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiJawaharlal NehruSubhas Chandra BoseAbul Kalam Azad

Question 10: At this conference, convened by Rash Behari Bose, an Indian expatriate living in Japan, the Indian Independence League was established as the first move towards an independent Indian state politically aligned with the ________.
Shōwa periodEmpire of JapanImperial Japanese NavyImperial Japanese Army


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