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Question 1: In Iran, the original self-identifier lives on in ethnic names like "Alani", "Ir", and in the ________ itself.
History of the name AzerbaijanNames of ChinaName of IranAfghan (name)

Question 2: [6][n 2] By the end of World War II, the word 'Aryan' had become firmly associated with the racial theories and atrocities committed by the ________ regime.
Adolf HitlerNazismFascismNeo-Nazism

Question 3:
  • Among the Hindu/Indian nationalists, the Hindu/Indian people (Aryan derives from the Sanskrit word ________)[1]

Question 4: the Iranian and Indo-Aryan peoples, collectively known as the ________
ScythiansKurgan hypothesisIndo-IraniansIndo-Aryan migration

Question 5: The "________", according to de Gobineau, were the Northern European "Aryans", who had remained "racially pure".
RacismMaster raceWhite supremacyThe Holocaust

Question 6: in colloquial English by Nazi racism, persons corresponding to the "Nordic", "blond-haired, blue-eyed" physical ideal of ________[n 1]
Nazi GermanyAxis powersNazi PartyAdolf Hitler

Question 7: By then, the term "________" and "Indo-European" had made most uses of the term "Aryan" superfluous, and "Aryan" now survives only in the term "Indo-Aryan" to indicate (speakers of) North Indian languages.
Indo-Aryan migrationIranian peoplesIndo-Aryan peoplesIndo-Iranians

Question 8: By the end of World War II, the word "Aryan" had lost its Romantic or idealist connotations and was associated with ________ instead.
NazismRacial policy of Nazi GermanyNeo-NazismThe Holocaust

Question 9: The distinguished biologist ________ agreed with him, coining the term "Xanthochroi" to refer to fair-skinned Europeans (as opposed to darker Mediterranean peoples, who Huxley called "Melanochroi").
William WhewellThomas Henry HuxleyAdam SedgwickCharles Lyell

Question 10: Its history starts with the ancient Indo-Iranians, peoples who inhabited parts of what are now Iran, ________, Pakistan and India."[2][7]
AfghanistanNon-Aligned MovementNATOCentral Intelligence Agency

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