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Artwork of Isaac Mendez: Quiz


Question 1: ________ next to a suitcase of cash.
How to Stop an Exploding ManNiki SandersThe Fix (Heroes)Powerless (Heroes)

Question 2: He later wipes off a layer of paint which covered an ________-shaped tattoo on her back revealing that the painting is actually of Jessica Sanders.
RNADNASmall interfering RNANon-coding RNA

Question 3: [14] ________ is inspired to test his theory that he can fly after seeing this painting.
Claire BennetPeter PetrelliFour Months Later...Genesis (Heroes)

Question 4: An image of Charlie, a waitress, serving food at a ________.
United StatesNortheastern United StatesGreasy spoonDiner

Question 5: ________ and Howard Lemay standing together with a biohazard symbol at the bottom (5/8).
Peter PetrelliFour Months Later...Genesis (Heroes)Claire Bennet

Question 6: The proceeds will benefit the Epilepsy Foundation, a charity that promotes awareness and research to cure ________.
Generalised epilepsyLafora diseaseEpilepsyPartial seizure

Question 7: [1] His technique includes the use of wash and ________ pencil.
CarbonCharcoalBlast furnacePyrolysis

Question 8: ________ and Takezo Kensei sword fighting (6/8).
Hiro NakamuraGenesis (Heroes)Distractions (Heroes)Godsend (Heroes)

Question 9: A large explosion and the resulting mushroom cloud in ________.
Times SquareMidtown ManhattanBowerySutton Place, Manhattan

Question 10: It was said by ________ to be the first of eight painted before Isaac's death that hadn't come true at the time (1/8).
Noah BennetCompany ManGenesis (Heroes)Godsend (Heroes)


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