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Artists United Against Apartheid: Quiz


Question 1: Van Zandt financed much of it while producer Arthur Baker (notable for his work with ________ and New Order) donated studio time.
James BrownAfrika BambaataaHip hop musicHip hop

Question 2: In 1997, the man who created Sun City, Sol Kerzner, came to America to build the ________, an Indian gambling casino.
Connecticut SunMohegan SunMohegan Sun ArenaAmway Arena

Question 3: Activists
Equity television programming ban
Live AidNelson Mandela 70th Birthday TributeBenefit concertRock Werchter

Question 4: The record never achieved the financial success of "We Are the World," although Oliver Tambo and the ANC's school in ________ "was sure happy when we gave them a big check," according to Schechter.

Question 5: The song "Sun City" was only a modest success in the US, reaching #38 on the ________ Hot 100 chart in December 1985.
Salt Lake CityChicagoBillboardSão Paulo

Question 6: He was interested in South Africa because he had read that the apartheid system was actually modeled after America's system of ________, an issue that was his major passion.
Indian reserveRancheríaIndian reservationCity

Question 7: Only about half of American radio stations played "Sun City," with some objecting to the lyrics' explicit criticism of President ________'s policy of "constructive engagement."
Ronald ReaganRichard NixonGerald FordGeorge H. W. Bush

Question 8: Van Zandt was also shy about calling legendary jazz artist ________, whom Schechter also contacted; with minimal persuasion, Davis also accepted.
1958 MilesThe Complete On the Corner SessionsMiles Davis'Round About Midnight

Question 9: Schecther invited ________ to get involved and asked a friend, Hart Perry, to film the sessions.

Question 10: 1964 Conference for Economic Sanctions
DecolonizationWorld Conference against Racism 2001World Conference against RacismDurban Review Conference

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