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Question 1: The three main types of artillery 'gun' are guns, ________ and mortars.
HowitzerBritish ArmyTrench warfareCannon

Question 2: Blank: Ammunition with live primer, greatly reduced propellant charge (typically ________) and no projectile; used for training, demonstration or ceremonial use.
CannonEnglandGunpowderEarly Modern warfare

Question 3: That leaves six combinations of the three criteria, some of which have been termed ________.
HowitzerCannonArtilleryTrench warfare

Question 4: The first land-based mobile weapon is usually credited to Jan Žižka, who deployed his oxen-hauled cannon during the ________ of Bohemia (1418–1424).
Protestant ReformationCrusadesHussite WarsProtestant Reformers

Question 5: These small, crude weapons diffused into the ________ (the madfaa) and reached Europe in the 13th century, in a very limited manner.
IranMiddle EastWestern AsiaAsia

Question 6: Capable of both high- and low-angle fire, they are most often employed in an ________ role, capable of operating in defilade.
Indirect fireField artilleryArtilleryPredicted fire

Question 7: Artillery is a military combat arm that employs ________ capable of discharging large projectiles in combat.
Industrial warfareMilitary historyWeaponInfantry

Question 8: This can be accomplished either through time fuzes or ________.
MissileVannevar BushNaval mineProximity fuze

Question 9: Modern mortars, because of their lighter weight and simpler, more transportable design, are usually an integral part of infantry and, in some armies, ________ units.
CuirassPlate armourMail (armour)Armour

Question 10: Targets in depth may also be 'acquired' by intelligence processes using various sources and agencies such as HUMINT, SIGINT, ________ and IMINT.
Research and Analysis WingCentral Intelligence AgencyInter-Services IntelligenceSignals intelligence

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