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Question 1: Sperm samples donated in this way are produced through ________ by the sperm donor at the sperm bank.
OrgasmMasturbationHuman sexual behaviorSexual intercourse

Question 2: Sperm is usually obtained through masturbation or the use of an electrical stimulator, although a special ________, known as a collection condom, may be used to collect the semen during intercourse.
Sexual abstinenceSafe sexCondomBirth control

Question 3: If the semen is not washed it may elicit uterine cramping, expelling the semen and causing pain, due to content of ________.
ProstaglandinOxytocinEpinephrineProstaglandin analogue

Question 4: 'Washed sperm', that is, spermatozoa which have been removed from most other components of the seminal fluids, can be injected directly into a woman's ________ in a process called intrauterine insemination (IUI).
VulvaReproductive systemUterusOvary

Question 5: (Prostaglandins are also the compounds responsible for causing the myometrium to contract and expel the menses from the uterus, during ________.) The woman should rest on the table for 15 minutes after an IUI to optimize the pregnancy rate.
MenopauseMenstrual cycleMenstruationMenarche

Question 6: For ________ (IUI), a centrifugation fraction (fc) may be added to the equation:
In vitro fertilisationAssisted reproductive technologyArtificial inseminationPregnancy

Question 7: This process therefore most closely replicates the way in which semen is deposited by the penis in the cervix or fornix when the male ________ during vaginal intercourse, and sperm deposited this way will swim up into the cervix in exactly the same way as sperm deposited during intercourse.
OrgasmSexual intercourseMasturbationEjaculation

Question 8: In humans, it is used as ________, primarily to treat infertility using sperm from the woman's partner, or sperm from a sperm donor (donor sperm) where the male partner produces no sperm.
Assisted reproductive technologyChildbirthPregnancyIn vitro fertilisation

Question 9: Specifically, freshly ejaculated sperm, or sperm which has been frozen and thawed, is placed in the cervix (intracervical insemination – ICI) or, after washing, into the female's ________ (intrauterine insemination – IUI) by artificial means.
Reproductive systemOvaryVulvaUterus

Question 10: As seen on graph, pregnancy rate also depends on the total sperm count, or, more specifically, the ________ (TMSC), used in a cycle.
Semen qualitySemen analysisCondomSemen

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