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Arthur Rudolph: Quiz


Question 1: He later became the project director of the ________ rocket program from in August 1963.
Saturn INT-21Saturn VSaturn ISaturn IB

Question 2: Rudolph's engine was used in the ________ of rockets.
Long March (rocket family)TsyklonScout (rocket family)Aggregate (rocket family)

Question 3: The Rudolphs retired to ________ to be near their daughter.
Santa Clara, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaSan FranciscoSunnyvale, California

Question 4: The ________ placed articles in newspapers in January 1985 on behalf of the Department of Justice, searching for survivors of the Mittelwerk.
Claims ConferenceWorld Jewish CongressNahum GoldmannEdgar Bronfman, Sr.

Question 5: The V-2 production facility was moved to the ________ facility near Nordhausen.
PeenemündeV-3 cannonOperation CrossbowMittelwerk

Question 6: Rudolph joined the ________ in 1931, then later the SA Reserve for a short period.
Nazi PartyNazismAdolf HitlerSchutzstaffel

Question 7: The first Saturn V launch lifted off from ________ and performed flawlessly on November 9, 1967, Rudolph's birthday.
Kennedy Space CenterVandenberg Air Force BaseKennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Question 8: Pietsch met with ________, who had been tasked by the German Ordnance Department to develop a rocket weapons system and had become interested in the VfR.
Walter DornbergerWernher von BraunArtilleryArthur Rudolph

Question 9: Germany protested to the ________, as Rudolph now had no citizenship in any country.
United States Department of StateUnder Secretary of State for ManagementUnited States Secretary of StateBureau of Diplomatic Security

Question 10: The labor force consisted of prisoners who were eventually housed at the ________ concentration camp.
MittelwerkWernher von BraunMittelbau-DoraArthur Rudolph

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