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Question 1: Arthur Liebehenschel (25 November 1901 - 28 January 1948) was a commandant at the Auschwitz and ________ death camps during World War II.
Treblinka extermination campKraków GhettoMajdanek concentration campAktion Erntefest

Question 2: On 10 November 1943, Liebehenschel was appointed commandant of Auschwitz ________, succeeding Rudolf Höß.
Extermination campTreblinka extermination campThe HolocaustAuschwitz concentration camp

Question 3: Too young to serve in ________, he served as a sergeant major in the German Reichswehr afterwards.
World War ICaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)Armenian Genocide

Question 4: In 2009, she published My father, the Auschwitz commandant, in which she outlined actions by Liebehenschel that improved the prisoners' lives, but also discussed his participation in a ________ system.
Racial segregationRacismEthnic cleansingGenocide

Question 5: Liebehenschel had one son and three daughters by his first wife, Gertrud,[1][2] the youngest of which, Barbara Cherish (born 1943), now lives in the ________.
United StatesAlaskaCanadaPhilippines

Question 6: He was convicted in the Auschwitz Trial in Kraków and was executed by ________ on January 28, 1948.
Capital punishment in the United KingdomCapital punishment in the United StatesHangingCapital punishment

Question 7: Western Allies trials : ________ ‚ÄĘ
West German trials : Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials ‚ÄĘ
Einsatzgruppen TrialErich von dem Bach-ZelewskiBruno StreckenbachKarl Eberhard Schöngarth


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