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Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World: Quiz


Question 1: Including the ________, giant octopus and megamouth shark
Largest organismsGiant squidColossal SquidCephalopod

Question 2: About the ________, Nazca lines and others
GigantotomyCerne Abbas giantEnglandDorchester, Dorset

Question 3: Also interviews with ________ and James Powell.
Mokele-mbembeLoch Ness MonsterEmela-ntoukaRoy Mackal

Question 4: This episode is divided equally between considering evidence for the ________ and Yeti.
CryptozoologyMogollon MonsterBigfootJon-Erik Beckjord

Question 5: This includes the ________, where German scientist Arne Eggebrecht is shown electroplating a small silver statue with a gold cyanide solution and a replica of the battery using grape juice.
CopperBaghdad BatteryBattery (electricity)Alessandro Volta

Question 6: It was produced by Yorkshire Television for the ITV network and first broadcast in September ________.

Question 7: Interviewees for the segment on the Yeti include Don Whillans, Lord Hunt and ________.
Eric ShiptonMount EverestBill TilmanHimalayas

Question 8: Clarke illustrates this mystery by attending a total eclipse of the sun in rural ________, highlighting the fact that this is still treated with reverence and suspicion in some cultures.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaIndiaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 9: In January 2008 the original series was released on DVD in the ________ by Network and Granada.
United KingdomCanadaEnglandWales

Question 10: Each program is introduced and book-ended by science fiction writer ________ in short sequences filmed in Sri Lanka.
Arthur C. ClarkeThe Last Theorem2001: A Space Odyssey3001: The Final Odyssey


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