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Question 1: Higher up the "family tree", the ________ have traditionally been considered the closest relatives of the Panarthropoda, since both groups have segmented bodies, and the combination of these groups was labelled Articulata.

Question 2: Their heads are formed by fusion of varying numbers of segments, and their ________ are formed by fusion of the ganglia of these segments and encircle the esophagus.
DigestionNervous systemSensory systemBrain

Question 3: ________ such as crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimps and prawns have long been part of human cuisine, and are now farmed on a large commercial scale.

Question 4: The rigid cuticle inhibits growth, so arthropods replace it periodically by ________.
Yorkshire TerrierMoultingMiniature SchnauzerHypoallergenic dog breed

Question 5: It was a non-discriminatory ________ feeder, processing whatever sediment came its way for food.
ErosionSediment transportSedimentSedimentary rock

Question 6: Other blood-sucking insects infect ________ with diseases that kill many animals and greatly reduce the usefulness of others.

Question 7: anomalocarid-like taxa,
including modern tardigrades as
well as extinct animals like
Kerygmachela and ________

Question 8: Most arthropods have sophisticated visual systems that include one or more usually both of ________ and pigment-cup ocelli ("little eyes").
Nervous systemSensory systemBrainEye

Question 9: The oldest known arachnid is the trigonotarbid Palaeotarbus jerami, from about 420 million years ago in the ________ period.
OrdovicianSilurianDevonianGeologic time scale

Question 10: Lophotrochozoa (________, molluscs, brachiopods, etc.

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