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Arteriovenous malformation: Quiz


Question 1: Structurally, arteries divide and sub-divide repeatedly, eventually forming a sponge-like ________.
CapillaryHeartArteryCirculatory system

Question 2: Blood moves through the ________, giving up oxygen and taking up waste products, including CO2, from the surrounding cells.
Circulatory systemCapillaryArteryHeart

Question 3: On December 13, 2006, Senator Tim Johnson was diagnosed with AVM and treated at ________ Hospital.
George Washington ColonialsGeorge Washington UniversityGeorge Washington University Residence HallsGeorgetown University

Question 4: In an episode of TNT's ________ entitled "The Sense of Belonging" patient Amy Johnson suffers from this disorder, as well as an unmentioned congenital heart defect.
USA NetworkHawthorne (TV series)SyfyWarehouse 13

Question 5: [2] Embolization, that is, cutting off the blood supply to the AVM with coils or particles or ________ introduced by a radiographically guided catheter, can be used in addition to either, but is rarely successful in isolation.
AdhesivePolyurethanePolymerHot melt adhesive

Question 6: The protagonist of ________'s novel Mindscan suffers from an AVM that threatens to reduce him to a permanent vegetative state.
Robert J. SawyerIsaac AsimovScience fictionAlternate history

Question 7: The most general symptoms of a cerebral AVM include headache and ________, with more specific symptoms occurring that normally depend on the location of the malformation and the individual.
Lafora diseasePartial seizureGeneralised epilepsyEpilepsy

Question 8: Memory and thought-related problems, such as confusion, ________ or hallucinations.
Huntington's diseaseAlzheimer's diseaseDementiaParkinson's disease

Question 9: Arteriovenous malformation or AVM is an abnormal connection between veins and ________, usually congenital.
Arterial treeSystemic circulationArteryBlood vessel

Question 10: It can cause severe and often fatal ________.
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosisCerebral aneurysmStrokeSubarachnoid hemorrhage


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