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Art of Croatia: Quiz


Question 1: Houses were out of stone, on ground floor there were shops or dinners (natively – konoba) like in cities as: Poreč, Rab, Zadar, ________ and Split.
MakarskaStari Grad, CroatiaTrogirHvar (city)

Question 2: The two largest ones were ________ and Slavonski Brod.

Question 3:
From Crown Church of King Zvonimir (so called Hollow Church in Solin) comes the altar board with figure of Croatian King on the throne with ________ crown, servant by his side and subject bowed to the king.
Charles the SimpleCarolingian dynastyLouis the YoungerCharlemagne

Question 4: On the Millennium Exhibition in Budapest they were able to set aside all other artistic options in ________.
Holy Roman EmpireAustria–HungaryOttoman EmpireGerman Empire

Question 5: Danilo culture (found on ________ coast and islands) was rich with fine dark ceramics decorated with engraved geometrical motifs, spirals and meanders.
Ionian SeaAegean SeaAdriatic SeaMediterranean Sea

Question 6: The most beautiful one is probably the church in Selima near ________.

Question 7: Ancient monuments from ________ are very poor and it consists out of simple stone and bone objects.
Paleolithic religionMiddle PaleolithicStone AgePaleolithic

Question 8: With permanent danger by Ottomans from east, there was modest influence of renaissance, while ________ thrived.
FortificationDefensive wallCastleCity gate

Question 9: During the 14th century, the Split cathedral of St Duje and cloister of Franciscan monastery in ________ were also build.
PulaCroatiaSplit (city)Dubrovnik

Question 10:
Numerous rustically villas, and new urban settlements (the most impressive are Verige in ________, Pula and Trogir - formerly Tragurion) demonstrate high level of roman urbanization.
CroatiaPlitvice Lakes National ParkBrijuniMljet


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