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Question 1: In general, art music is separate from ________, although there are examples of certain styles or works that cross that boundary and are included within both categories.
Song structure (popular music)Thirty-two-bar formMusical formPopular music

Question 2: Some Western classical composers, notably ________, relied on Indian rhythmic frameworks for their rhythmically more sophisticated compositions.
Olivier MessiaenPierre BoulezDaniel BarenboimGyörgy Ligeti

Question 3: [19] For purposes of illustration, one example of this would be Rhapsody in Blue by ________.
George GershwinIra GershwinBlue Monday (opera)Porgy and Bess

Question 4: [4 ] In this regard, it is frequently used as a contrasting term to ________ and traditional or folk music.
Popular musicMusical formThirty-two-bar formSong structure (popular music)

Question 5: Modern and contemporary art music, including ________, experimental (art) music and minimalist music, as well as other forms;
Electroacoustic musicElectronic musical instrumentElectronic musicTechno

Question 6: Art music is also usually considered separate from ________ (often referred to as "folk music"), although again, there are examples of fusional styles and borrowing.
Electric folkTraditional musicRoots revivalCeltic music

Question 7: Some forms of ________, excluding most forms generally considered to be popular music.
JazzDixielandBluesAmerican popular music

Question 8: Therefore, some may consider certain forms of popular-based music such as ________ art music.
Art rockProgressive rockRock musicExperimental rock

Question 9: Treatises on the structural and theoretical considerations underlying Indian classical music have been available for millennia, notably the ________ of Bharata, dated to between 200 BC and 200 AD.
Natya ShastraHindustani classical musicNātyakalpadrumamRasa (aesthetics)

Question 10: For example, ________ is transmitted mainly orally from master to disciple, despite its typically greater sophistication of rhythmic and melodic frameworks than western classical music.
Islamic musicCarnatic musicIndian classical musicHindustani classical music

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