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Question 1: ________, for example, famously created a series of drawings to accompany his psychoanalytic sessions with his Jungian psychoanalyst, Dr.
Jackson PollockAbstract expressionismLee KrasnerPaul Cézanne

Question 2: Art history has historically been understood as the ________ study of objects of art in their historical development and stylistic contexts, i.e.
HumanitiesUniversityAcademiaAcademic degree

Question 3: Jung's approach to psychology emphasized understanding the psyche through exploring the worlds of ________, art, mythology, world religion and philosophy.
Lucid dreamDreamSleepRapid eye movement sleep

Question 4: ________ also applied psychoanalytic theory to art.
Analytical psychologyCarl JungSigmund FreudJungian archetypes

Question 5: ________ (1818 - 1897), one of the founders of art history, noted that Winckelmann was 'the first to distinguish between the periods of ancient art and to link the history of style with world history'.
Jacob BurckhardtBaselArthur SchopenhauerFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 6: Firstly, he attempted to study art using psychology, particularly by applying the work of ________.
EpistemologyRelationship between religion and sciencePseudoscienceWilhelm Wundt

Question 7: Greenberg further claimed that ________ and Modernist art was a means to resist the leveling of culture produced by capitalist propaganda.
Avant-gardeSurrealismDadaAbstract expressionism

Question 8: Today's understanding of the symbolic content of art comes from a group of scholars who gathered in ________ in the 1920s.

Question 9: The most prominent among them were Erwin Panofsky, ________, and Fritz Saxl.
Aby WarburgArt historyPuebloan peoplesAncient Pueblo Peoples

Question 10: The most renowned of these was ________, and Vasari's account is enlightening, though biased in places.
Sistine ChapelMichelangeloSt. Peter's BasilicaSistine Chapel ceiling

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