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Question 1: Meanwhile, at a Diet held at ________, Kossuth had formally proposed the dethronement of the Habsburg dynasty.
Hajdú-Bihar CountyHajdúnánásHajdúszoboszlóDebrecen

Question 2: He entered the Honvéd Army with the rank of captain, was employed in the purchase of arms, and soon became major and commandant of the national guards north of the ________.

Question 3: While resisting the Croatian army 's crossing of the ________ at Csepel-sziget, Görgey captured and arrested the wealthy Hungarian Count Ödön [Edmund] Zichy.

Question 4: In 1837 he entered the Bodyguard of Hungarian Nobles at ________, where he combined military service with a course of study at the university.

Question 5: The surrender, and particularly the fact that his life was spared while his generals and many of his officers and men were hanged or shot, led to his being accused of ________ by public opinion.

Question 6: He was born at Toporec (now in Slovakia), in Upper Hungary; of a Hungarian noble family who were converted to ________.
BaptistProtestantismChristian denominationChristianity

Question 7: Count Zichy was charged with treason for his pro-Austrian activities, ________, and hanged.
DesertionMilitaryCourt-martialJudge Advocate General's Corps

Question 8: When the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 broke out against the ________, Görgey joined the rebels.
Austria–HungaryPrussiaAustrian EmpireLiechtenstein

Question 9: In spite of the remonstrances of his political superior, ________, he held to his resolution and retreated upon Vác.
Lajos BatthyányLajos KossuthGyula AndrássyBertalan Szemere


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