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Question 1: Poisoned arrows are used widely in the jungle areas of ________, Burma and Malaysia.
AssamWest BengalIndiaTripura

Question 2: The poison is generally collected by roasting the frogs over a fire, but the ________ in P. terribilis are powerful enough that it is sufficient to dip the dart in the back of the frog without killing it.
NeurotoxinEpibatidineBatrachotoxinIbotenic acid

Question 3: The Greek hero Odysseus poisons his arrows with hellebore in ________'s Odyssey.
HomerAncient GreeceTroyClassical antiquity

Question 4: They have been used by hunter-gatherer peoples worldwide and are still in use in areas of South America, ________ and Asia.
Scramble for AfricaAfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan Africa

Question 5: Poisoned arrows also figure in Homer's epic about the ________, the Iliad, in which both Achaeans and Trojans used toxic arrows and spears.
OdysseusTrojan WarReturns from TroyGreek mythology

Question 6: Notable examples are the poisons secreted from the skin of the poison dart frog and curare (or 'ampi'), a general term for a range of plant-derived arrow poisons used by the indigenous peoples of ________.
Americas (terminology)Latin AmericaNorth AmericaSouth America

Question 7: Several species of ________ or "aconite" have been used as arrow poisons, which belong to the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae.
Atropa belladonnaCannabisConiumAconitum

Question 8: Poisoned arrows have featured in mythology, notably the Greek story of ________ slaying the centaur Nessus using arrows poisoned with the blood of the Lernaean Hydra.
DionysusHeraclesTrojan WarApollo

Question 9: The Minaro in Ladakh use A. napellus on their arrows to hunt Siberian Ibex; they were in use recently near lake ________ in Kyrgyzstan.
Arctic OceanIssyk KulAral SeaCaspian Sea

Question 10: [8] It was also used by the Butias and Lepchas in Sikkim and ________.
AssamWest BengalIndiaTripura

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