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Arpeggio: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Arpeggio have?
Sample of "Don't Cha"
Sound sample with arpeggios
Echo samples
Organ music sample

Question 2: An arpeggio in the key of C major going up two ________ would be the notes (C, E, G, C, E, G, C).
OctaveSemitoneInterval (music)Fifteenth

Question 3: Arpeggiated chords are often used in ________ and piano music.
EnglandHarpUnited KingdomIreland

Question 4:
What format does Arpeggio follow?

Question 5: Keyboards, such as piano and ________, are used to play arpeggios.
Accordion music genresBayan (accordion)ConcertinaAccordion

Question 6: In ________, an arpeggio is Italian for broken chord where the notes are played or sung in sequence, one after the other, rather than ringing out simultaneously.
Music theoryMusical notationMusicClassical music

Question 7: ________ players prevalently use arpeggios, which are especially apparent in the Scruggs style three-finger method of playing.
Old-time musicBanjoCountry musicBluegrass music

Question 8: ________ are often called upon to play arpeggios, especially in electronica.
Digital audio editorSound recording and reproductionMixing consoleSynthesizer

Question 9: In ________, a chord that is played first with the lowest note and then with successive higher notes joining in is called arpeggiato.
Classical musicMusical notationMusic theoryMusical form

Question 10: Students of ________ learn how to play scales and arpeggios.
Byzantine lyraMusical instrumentMusical notationClassical music

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