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Question 1: Arousal is important in regulating ________, attention, and information processing.
Gottfried LeibnizConsciousnessHenri BergsonIdea

Question 2: Anatomically this is a disorder of the limbic system, hypothalamus, temporal lobes, ________ and frontal lobes (2001).
Anterior olfactory nucleusHippocampal formationAmygdalaOlfactory bulb

Question 3: Brain regions
Clinical neuropsychology
Human brain
Cognitive neuropsychologyBehavioral neuroscienceCognitive neuroscienceCognitive psychology

Question 4: It is also very important in ________, and has been included as a part of many influential theories such as the James-Lange theory of emotion.
Positive psychologyEmotionPsychologyEvolutionary psychology

Question 5: Four major systems originating in the brainstem, with connections extending throughout the cortex, are based on the brain's neurotransmitters, ________, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin.
AcetylcholineKetamineKynurenic acidDextromethorphan

Question 6: Arousal is a physiological and ________ state of being awake or reactive to stimuli.
Sigmund FreudPsychologyNeuropsychologyCognitive neuroscience

Question 7: ________
Executive functions
Natural language
Motor coordination
Sensory perception
Optimization (mathematics)PlanningJoseph Francis SheaDecision making

Question 8: In ________, arousal is described as a response to a difficult challenge for which the subject has moderate skills.
Educational psychologyPositive psychologyEmotionClinical psychology

Question 9: Pribram
Mark Rosenzweig
Roger W. Sperry
PsychiatryOliver SacksNeurologyAntónio Damásio

Question 10: It is crucial for motivating certain behaviours, such as mobility, the pursuit of nutrition, the ________ and sexual activity (see Masters and Johnson's human sexual response cycle, where it is known as the arousal phase).
Fight-or-flight responseEpinephrineStress (biology)Brain

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