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Aromatic hydrocarbon: Quiz


Question 1: Examples of benzene compounds with just one substituent are ________, which carries a hydroxyl group and toluene with a methyl group.
Hydrogen peroxideChlorhexidinePhenolEthanol

Question 2: They undergo ________ and nucleophilic aromatic substitutions.
AmineBenzeneAromatic hydrocarbonElectrophilic aromatic substitution

Question 3: Common examples are ________ with two fused rings, anthracene with three, tetracene with four, and pentacene with five linearly fused rings.

Question 4: The compound 1-naphthol is completely reduced to a mixture of decalin-ol ________.

Question 5: In these compounds, at least one carbon atom is replaced by one of the heteroatoms oxygen, ________, or sulfur.

Question 6: The configuration of six carbon atoms in aromatic compounds is known as a benzene ring, after the simplest possible such hydrocarbon, ________.

Question 7: ________, C6H6, is the simplest AH and was recognized as the first aromatic hydrocarbon, with the nature of its bonding first being recognized by Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz in the 19th century.

Question 8: An example is the nitration of ________ [6]:
CelecoxibIbuprofenSalicylic acidAspirin

Question 9: The term 'aromatic' was assigned before the physical mechanism determining ________ was discovered, and was derived from the fact that many of the compounds have a sweet scent.
Conjugated systemAromaticityCovalent bondChemical bond

Question 10: This is seen in, for example, phenol (C6H5-OH), which is ________ at the hydroxyl (OH), since a charge on this oxygen (alkoxide -O) is partially delocalized into the benzene ring.
Acid dissociation constantAcid–base reactionAcidAcetic acid


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