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Aromanian language: Quiz


Question 1: Also distinguished as distinct are dialects in the region of Bitola; Malovište, Gopeš, Gorna Belica (Aromanian: Beala di Supra) near Struga, ________ (Aromanian: Crushuva), and the dialects east of the Vardar River in Macedonia.

Question 2: Juhani Nuoluoto, Martti Leiwo, ________.
Jussi Halla-ahoFascismRacismFinland

Question 3: Aromanian shares this feature with Megleno-Romanian as well as other languages in the ________.
Romance languagesAlbanian languageBulgarian languageBalkan sprachbund

Question 4:

Question 5: The Aromanian language has a degree of official status in the Republic of Macedonia where Aromanian is taught as an optional subject in some primary schools (in Skopje, Kruševo and ________) and Aromanian speakers have the right to use the language in court proceedings.

Question 6: Aromanian (limba armãneascã, armãneshce or armãneashti), also known as Macedo-Romanian, Arumanian or ________ in most other countries, is an Eastern Romance language spoken in Southeastern Europe.

Question 7: Also, with the coming of the Turks in the ________, Aromanian received some Turkish words as well.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansEurope

Question 8: Aromanian grammar does have some features that distinguish it from Romanian, an important one being the complete disappearance of ________ which clearly puts it in the lower part of the Balkans.
AdverbArticle (grammar)Preposition and postpositionInfinitive

Question 9: The ________ which exists in Aromanian is only applied to some verbs, not all.
GerundArticle (grammar)Preposition and postpositionNoun

Question 10: Its speakers are called ________ or Vlachs (which is an exonym in widespread use to define the communities in the Balkans).
Banat BulgariansAromaniansKrashovaniAromanian language


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