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Question 1: The "sleep" state of the dead, meaning the dead have not yet been judged, rewarded, or condemned, but rather wait to be ________.
BibleResurrectionBiblical canonJesus

Question 2: Eventually, Armstrong accepted and observed many principles and laws found in the ________ and taught converts to do the same.
Biblical canonBiblical apocryphaBibleOld Testament

Question 3: Punishment of the incorrigible is not an eternity of torment in ________, but rather a merciful annihilation, through fire, by the edict of God.

Question 4: Today, the official doctrinal position of GCI is mainstream ________, although there are still GCI ministers and members who do not fully embrace all of the changes.
EvangelicalismChristianityEcumenismProtestant Reformation

Question 5: Armstrong taught that most of the basic doctrines and teachings of 'mainstream' ________ were based on traditions, including absorbed pagan concepts and rituals (i.e.
Christian denominationEcumenismBaptistChristianity

Question 6: Furthermore, he taught that the celebrations of ________ and Easter were inappropriate for Christians, considering them not of biblical origin, but rather a later absorption of pagan practices into corrupted Christianity.
ChristmasWassailingYule logYule

Question 7: Non-believers are not yet eternally judged, having a future opportunity for ________ after a mortal resurrection (the 2nd resurrection).

Question 8: religious ________), rather than the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Question 9: These included the ten commandments, dietary laws, tithing, and celebration of high Sabbaths, or annual feast days such as Passover, Pentecost and the ________.
ShabbatSukkotJewish holidayYom Kippur

Question 10: ________ A former WCG evangelist.
Ambassador CollegeGarner Ted ArmstrongJoseph W. TkachRoderick C. Meredith


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