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Question 1: Other classic designs were the Italian ________ ,Polish TKS ,Japan was among the most prolific users of tankettes, producing a number of designs, which they found useful for jungle warfare.
Panzer IT-26 tankL3/35Fiat 3000

Question 2: The first IFV was the Soviet ________, which surprised western intelligence analysts when it appeared in a military parade in 1967.

Question 3: Most had no turret and were armed with one or two ________, or rarely with a heavier gun or grenade launcher.
FirearmM2 Browning machine gunAssault rifleMachine gun

Question 4: For example, armoured personnel carriers were generally replaced by ________ in a very similar role, but the latter has some capabilities lacking in the former.
Infantry fighting vehicleBTR-90BTR-80BTR-3

Question 5: Self-propelled guns are combat support weapons; they are employed by combat support units fighting in support of, or attached to, the main combat units: ________ and armour.
Medieval warfareInfantryMilitary historyAncient warfare

Question 6: This proved highly successful, even without training, and the concept was widely used in the ________.
Operation VarsityOperation Market GardenOperation Overlord21st Army Group

Question 7: Self-propelled anti-tank guns, or tank destroyers, are used primarily to provide ________ support for infantry or tank units, in defensive or withdrawal operations.
Korean WarT-34Anti-tank warfareAnti-tank rifle

Question 8: This features a main ________ gun, mounted in a fully rotating turret atop a tracked automotive hull, with various additional machine guns throughout.
ArtillerySiegeNaval warfareMilitary history

Question 9: They are typically armed with a twenty millimetre or larger ________, and possibly with ATGMs.
AutocannonGatling gunMachine gunQF 2 pounder naval gun

Question 10: ________
List of main battle tanks by countryCyprusBosnia and HerzegovinaAzerbaijan

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