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Question 1: ________ is used on things such as warships and armoured fighting vehicles.
M1 AbramsTankVehicle armourRocket-propelled grenade

Question 2: Their armour was meant to protect only against sabres and light ________.
CavalryLanceHeavy cavalryCataphract

Question 3: At the start of World War I, thousands of the French ________ rode out to engage the German Cavalry who likewise used helmets and armour.

Question 4: Many ironclads were built to make use of the ram or the ________, which a number of naval designers considered the crucial weapons of naval combat.
BattleshipSubmarineTorpedoNaval mine

Question 5: Today, ________, euphemistically known as a flak jacket, made of ballistic cloth (e.g.
Ballistic vest.357 Magnum.45 ACPPersonal armor

Question 6: During the ________ on 15 November 1899, Winston Churchill, then a war-correspondent, was travelling onboard an armoured train when it was ambushed by Boer commandos.
Second Boer WarSouth African Wars (1879–1915)South AfricaSanna's Post

Question 7: As a result of this, the main battle tanks (MBT) designed since the late ________ era can survive multiple RPG strikes with minimal effect on the crew or the operation of the vehicle.
Cold WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence AgencyVietnam War

Question 8: First modern production technology for armour plating was used by the navies in construction of the ________, and reaching its pinnacle of development with the battleship.
Monitor (warship)DreadnoughtIronclad warshipPre-dreadnought battleship

Question 9: The most intensive use of armoured trains was during the ________ (1918–1920).
Polish–Soviet WarSoviet UnionRussian Civil War1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt

Question 10: The development of effective ________ before the Second World War meant that the pilots, once the "knights of the air" during the First World War were left far more vulnerable to ground fire.
Bofors 40 mmAnti-aircraft warfareGulf WarM2 Browning machine gun

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