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Armistice with Germany (Compiègne): Quiz


Question 1: However, he was able to communicate with the German Army Chief of Staff ________ in Spa who instructed him to sign at any price as an armistice was absolutely necessary.
Paul von HindenburgAdolf HitlerFranz von PapenWeimar Republic

Question 2: The armistice was signed in a carriage of Foch's private train, ________ #2419 ("Le Wagon de l'Armistice").
Polish languageGerman languageSpanish languageCompagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits

Question 3: Immediate removal of all German troops from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and ________.
GermanyStrasbourgAlsace-LorraineGerman Empire

Question 4: In addition, he recommended the acceptance of the main demand of US President Woodrow Wilson (________) and put the Imperial Government on a democratic footing, hoping for more favourable peace terms.
World War IFourteen PointsParis Peace Conference, 1919Sykes–Picot Agreement

Question 5: He was under pressure of imminent revolution in Berlin, ________, and elsewhere across Germany.

Question 6: Marshal of France ________, the Allied supreme commander
John J. PershingParisFerdinand FochWorld War I

Question 7: The new German government headed by ________ after a renewed demand by the Supreme Command, had accepted the harsh terms of the Entente for a truce.
Georg von HertlingFriedrich EbertWilly BrandtGeorg Michaelis

Question 8: Acting German commander Paul von Hindenburg had requested arrangements for a meeting from ________ by telegram on 7 November.
John J. PershingWorld War IFerdinand FochParis

Question 9: Principal signatories were Marshal ________, the Allied Commander-in-chief, and Matthias Erzberger, Germany's representative.
Ferdinand FochWorld War IJohn J. PershingParis

Question 10: The peace between the Allies and Germany would subsequently be settled in 1919, by the ________, and the Treaty of Versailles that same year.
United Nations Trusteeship CouncilParis Peace Conference, 1919United Nations DayUniversal jurisdiction


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