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Question 1: The Armistice of Moudros (Turkish: Mondros Ateşkes Anlaşması) (30 October 1918) ended the hostilities in the Middle Eastern theatre between the ________ and the Allies of World War I.
TurkeyIstanbulTurkish peopleOttoman Empire

Question 2: The armistice was followed with ________ and subsequent partitioning of the Ottoman Empire.
Turkish War of IndependenceOccupation of ConstantinopleGreco-Turkish War (1919–1922)Chronology of the Turkish War of Independence

Question 3: It was signed by the Minister of Marine Affairs Rauf Bey and the British Admiral Somerset Arthur Gough-Calthorpe, on board the HMS Agamemnon in Moudros harbor on the Greek island of ________.
LemnosThasosLesbosAgios Efstratios

Question 4: In the ________, Turkey had to retreat to within its pre-war borders.
AsiaCaucasusGeorgia (country)Europe

Question 5: The Ottomans surrendered their remaining garrisons outside ________, granted the Allies the right to occupy forts controlling the Straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosporus; and the right to occupy "in case of disorder" any territory in case of a threat to security.
AnatoliaTurkeyTurkish peopleIstanbul

Question 6: The Treaty of Sèvres (10 August 1920) followed the armistice, but this treaty was not enacted due to the outbreak of the ________.
Partitioning of the Ottoman EmpireChronology of the Turkish War of IndependenceTurkish War of IndependenceGreco-Turkish War (1919–1922)

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