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Arminianism: Quiz


Question 1: Recent influence of the ________ movement has also reached Arminianism — primarily through a view of corporate election.
Sola fideAntinomianismPauline ChristianityNew Perspective on Paul

Question 2: The doctrine's acceptance stretches through much of mainstream Christianity, including ________ Protestantism.
EcumenismEvangelicalismProtestant ReformationChristian denomination

Question 3: Largest groups
World Methodist Council
AME Church
AME Zion Church
CME Church
Free Methodist Church
Methodist Church of Great Britain
Uniting Church in Australia
United Methodist Church
Wesleyan Church
Church of the NazareneArminianismHistory of the Church of the NazareneMethodism

Question 4: Well-known proponents of this theology are Greg Boyd, Clark Pinnock, Thomas Jay Oord, William Hasker, and ________.
EvangelicalismJohn E. SandersOpen theismTrinity

Question 5: Background
Episcopal Church (United States)CatholicismEcumenical councilAnglicanism

Question 6: Wesley also clarified the doctrine of ________ and preached the ability of Christians to attain to perfection.
John WesleyArminianismMethodismPrevenient grace

Question 7: Nonetheless, they are often viewed as rivals within evangelicalism because of their disagreement over details of the doctrines of divine ________ and salvation.
Second Great AwakeningRestorationism (Christian primitivism)PredestinationFirst Great Awakening

Question 8: He was taught by ________, Calvin's hand-picked successor, but he rejected his teacher's theology that it is God who unconditionally elects some for salvation.
CalvinismTheodore BezaHuldrych ZwingliHuguenot

Question 9: At the same time, Wesley attacked the ________ that he claimed characterized unconditional election and maintained a belief in the ability to lose salvation.
DeterminismCausalityAristotleImmanuel Kant

Question 10: The majority of ________ hold to a third view of salvation and election that was taught by Philip Melanchthon.
Protestant ReformationSacramental unionLutheranismApostles' Creed


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