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Question 1: [5] The officer cadre was formed from pre-war officers and NCOs, graduates of underground courses and elite operatives usually parachuted from the West (________).
CichociemniKedywWarsaw UprisingArmia Krajowa

Question 2: Many AK soldiers continued fight after World War II in anti-Soviet Polish underground, known as the ________.
Operation TempestArmia KrajowaCursed soldiersŁukasz Ciepliński

Question 3: [5] In the summer of 1944 when ________ begun AK reached its highest membership numbers.
Lwów UprisingOperation TempestWarsaw UprisingZamość Uprising

Question 4: [13] The largest and best known of the Operation Tempest battles was the Warsaw Uprising – the attempt to liberate ________, the capital of Poland.

Question 5: ________
Lwów UprisingPolish contribution to World War IIWarsaw UprisingOperation Tempest

Question 6: ________, Rising '44, Macmillan, 2003.
Warsaw UprisingNorman DaviesA. J. P. TaylorWhite Eagle, Red Star

Question 7: Even at this time however, some partisans remained in the countryside, unwilling or simply unable to rejoin the community; they became known as the ________.
Cursed soldiersOperation TempestŁukasz CieplińskiArmia Krajowa

Question 8: The AK's primary resistance operations were the sabotage of German activities, including transports headed for the Eastern Front in the ________.
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinEast GermanyRussia

Question 9: The most widely known AK operation was the failed ________.
Operation TempestResistance during World War IIPolish resistance movement in World War IIWarsaw Uprising

Question 10: Although a Polish-Soviet agreement was signed in August, co-operation continued to be difficult, and deteriorated further after the ________ was publicized in 1943.
Katyn massacreEastern BlocMolotov–Ribbentrop PactJoseph Stalin

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