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Armenian hypothesis: Quiz


Question 1: The Armenian hypothesis of the Proto-Indo-European Urheimat, based on the Glottalic theory suggests that the Proto-Indo-European language was spoken during the ________ in the Armenian Highland.
6th millennium BC7th millennium BC5th millennium BC4th millennium BC

Question 2: The Armenian hypothesis argues for the latest possible date of Proto-Indo-European (sans Anatolian), a full millennium later than the mainstream ________.
Proto-Indo-European Urheimat hypothesesCeltsKurgan hypothesisProto-Indo-Europeans

Question 3: In this, it figures as an opposite to the ________, in spite of the geographical proximity of the respective Urheimaten suggested, diverging from the timeframe suggested there by full three millennia.
Proto-Indo-EuropeansAnatolian hypothesisKurgan hypothesisProto-Indo-European Urheimat hypotheses


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