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Arkady and Boris Strugatsky: Quiz


Question 1: Stalker (1979) by ________, inspired by The Roadside Picnic
The Mirror (1975 film)NostalghiaAndrei TarkovskySolaris (1972 film)

Question 2: The Strugatsky brothers, however, were and still are popular in many countries, including Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and ________, where most of their works were available in both East and West Germany.

Question 3: The asteroid 3054 Strugatskia, discovered by ________ in 1977 was named after the Strugatsky brothers.
Nikolai ChernykhLyudmila ChernykhLyudmila Karachkina10010 Rudruna

Question 4: The fictional moon Pandora depicted in the movie Avatar by James Cameron contains some similarities with the ________ series.
Earth (Noon Universe)Arkady and Boris StrugatskyNoon UniverseHumans (Noon Universe)

Question 5: ________ (2009) by Feodor Bondarchuk, based on the novel of the same name
The Inhabited IslandRudolf SikorskiLudenHard to Be a God (1989 film)

Question 6: The brothers were Guests of Honour at the 1987 World Science Fiction Convention, held in ________, England.

Question 7: Their famous novel Piknik na obochine has been translated into English as Roadside Picnic in 1977 and was filmed by ________ under the title Stalker.
NostalghiaThe Mirror (1975 film)Solaris (1972 film)Andrei Tarkovsky


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